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Dear Coaches/Players,  Dated: 25.07.2020

This is to inform you that Smart Cookies Pvt. Ltd. has introduced a new application for the benefit of each one you. Register on TV this application helps us in the following:

  1. Register every player and coach on the application
  2. It is the Sports TV
  3. It has a channel for every Sport
  4. The Sports people can take the benefit of seeing themselves on the Sports TV and also gets a guidance on diet, fitness, physio etc. through different experts I their respective fields.
  5. All the players will also be able to view their practice and matches on this TV as and when they are ready for telecast and they can also be watched with the repeated sessions as the telecast can be rescheduled on request.
  6. We can get an exposure for the junior most player upto the senior most one as it would be a point of encouragement for the players and the Coaches.
  7. The Coaches can get a great demand through this medium as whenever a player’s success is seen the parents of other upcoming players insist on getting the same coach for their own child.
  8. Even the federations and associations want these coaches to be associated with them as it improves the name and productivity.
  9. The main focus of this Sports TV is to support and bring out the energy in the youth of our Country and to support their activity.

We would therefore want each one of you to register on the app and take the maximum benefits of the same. There are a couple of benefits hidden here. So experience the same. 

We are circulating the application through the DSO office and with his consent as we want each one of you to benefit. 

Incase of any difficulties you may contact us on the following:

Name- Rockey Pandita on 8380037181
Email –
Name – Milind Rohokale on 9763483645
Email –
Name – Shubhangi Yeole on 9960142399
Email –
Links: TV