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About – Campus TV

Campus TV is an intranet based infotainment service. Campus TV airs short films and programs. It also carries , tutorials , seminars and subjects of interest in short concise package

In this 21-century generation’s demand is for a change. A change that will not only make our generation ball of fire but will grace their lives with lucidity. Enhancements in technologies have to lead a great impact on mankind’s life by designing online-based learning platforms. Not only it has changed the academic education system but it has evolved in many other different areas of learning. Some of these varieties are Gaining mastery into marketing skills, building leadership, entertainment industry, career opportunities, etc.

Campus TV is a Free online Educational platform, a platform where learning has no limit and age. This platform is specially designed for students, students from a young age to golden-ager can enjoy the taste of neverending schooling. As Jiddu Krishnamurti said ” There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning. “

In this modern period, most of the great ideas are not emerging from the CEO’s but arising from students. Personalities like Bill Gates, Steve jobs in their teenage itself they started evolving ideas of personal computers, advanced future technologies. We have not just created an e-learning platform but designed an online school where enthusiastic students, as well as teachers, will bring their ideas and present it on Campus TV

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Our Mission

E learning and Emerging Technologies is dedicated to supporting faculty, contributing to teaching excellence, and enhancing student success through exemplary instructional design, effective application and integration of instructional technologies, interactive digital media development, administration and enhancement of the university’s enterprise learning management system (Blackboard), and the deployment of innovative emerging technologies.

  • Coordinate Resources
  • Share Best Practices
  • Ensure Course Quality
  • Collect, Analyze, Evaluate Data
  • Research
  • Digital Transformation
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Innovation
  • Educational Services
  • Provide interaction

Recent Channels

It’s a channel which provides the educational based tutorial videos that helps to get academical knowledge by E learning.

Techguru Channels
Techguru Channels


Sport Channels
Sport Channels


Young Singer Channels
Young Singer Channels


Yoga Channels
Yoga Channels


Technical Channels
Technical Channels


Career Channels
Career Channels


Education Channels
Education Channels


COEP Channels
COEP Channels



Learning environments are achieved through a learning platform’s features and tools that create the level of interaction and engagement students need.


While social media remains a popular way to connect with peers, online forums create a way for students to mingle and discuss courses, assignments, and other pertinent information.

Assessment tools

Online quizzes and tests can help students pinpoint areas of improvement, based on subject or skill. Making time to use assessment tools can help learners gain extra practice outside of their normal class work or ongoing projects.

Online Communities

Online education leans heavily on individual learning. When students need to connect with others, based on differing schedules or backgrounds, it can be problematic for non-traditional or busy students.

Social Engagement

Social engagement tools can help disperse announcements and get feedback from users instantly.

Live Feedback

Learning independently can leave many students feeling disconnected as they move through their coursework. One-on-one interaction with teachers or tutors inspires confidence and helps students better understand their current assignments.


If you have any feedback or questions about our tool, don’t hesitate to give us call or shoot an an email, we will help you out!. Helping our customers has always been our goal.

Student Services

Being a student is a full-time job, and having the tools to get started on the right foot can lead to a satisfying experience, whether the student is still deciding which college is right for him or what his goals are once his degree is complete.

Content in the cloud

Having the content in the cloud under a collaborative work system, allows the contents to always stay updated and available to students, without having to stop the teaching cycle. Teachers can create and update content and publish it in an agile way.

Individual Learning

The online educational platform should create an individual learning stage for learners. Not every student has the same pace to learn and hence the platform should support individual learning enabling the learners to learn at their convenience and speed. Online learning resources should help students to gather and gain information without the involvement of teachers physically.


Artists :

Artists peoples from musicians to dancers, actors to painters, and many more can put their content on-campus TV and show their marvelous skills. You might be having a hobby of singing, acting, etc and if you want to get recognized then it’s the best opportunity for you. A singer could start conducting singing classes via online platforms. Similarly, a pianist could start teaching lessons for the piano. Thus how any artist could start his/her tutorials.

Technical :

People who are proficient with technical skills can start their technical classes on our platform. You may start your tutorials in different technical areas like programming, web designing, Machine learning, IoT, etc.Give a start to your ideas don’t let them be inside your heads. Bring them out!.

School/college Teachers :

Scott Hayden said ” Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together” Teachers with their fountainhead knowledge are going to get a golden opportunity on this platform. Because by learning teachers will teach and by teaching they will learn. So for teachers, it is going to be a two-sided benefit.

For Students:

Enthusiastic Students who are filled with euphoric energy can start their channel on-campus TV. No compulsion for the subject area. Choose an area and start making your content. Now that may consist of physics class or a guitar class. The platform is all yours.