Posted on February 14, 2020 in Schedule Tv

What are your learner’s needs?

Learners are the central, focal point of your training program, and understanding what they expect to achieve at the end of your training program should be your main goal. Do they want to learn a new skill, like a coding language, or do they want training in specific business process?

Depending on your industry and business objectives, you will want an LMS that offers features that address your learners’ needs. Understanding this aspect is important as it defines how you organize and deliver information throughout the course. This process of understanding how your training content and course design affects learning is called E-learning development. Continue reading for more on E-learning development. 

For example, if your organization is conducting a Human Resources compliance training program for employees across the globe, you would look for certain LMS functionalities like sequential course navigation, benchmark quizzes, display of course progress, etc. This type of business-wide training does not require a 1-on-1 personal interaction.


If your organization offers a specific training program that requires student-teacher interaction, like teaching foreign languages, or an online college course, an LMS that supports the process of custom course creation, tasking and uploading assignments, comments, etc. would best meet your learner’s needs.

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